“Snake Oil Liniment” in the Westborough Chronotype

Clark Stanley (

From the Westborough Chronotype, Friday, June 26, 1908:

Clark Stanley, of snake oil liniment renown, is drawing large crowds this week in front of the old railroad depot, and expects to continue there all next week. Every evening an entertainment is given in connection with the sales of his snake liniment. One astonishing feature of the entertainments three nights in the week is the performance of a trained bull snake seven feet in length. It is simply marvelous how a snake can be trained to perform tricks that this one does perform under the direction of Clark Stanley. It must be seen to be appreciated. The snake will perform again next Monday evening. The snakes from which the oil is made are caught in Texas, where a regular business is done in catching them and trying out the oil.


Clark Stanley’s Snake Oil Liniment (


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